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Children are expected to wear full school uniform each day.

Our school uniform consists of:

·         Greenleas Lower School sweatshirt, sweatcardi or jumper

·         White polo shirt or white buttoned shirt;

·         Grey trousers or shorts;

·         Grey skirt;

·         Green striped or checked summer dress;

·         Black shoes - no high heels, boots or flip flop style sandals;

·         No jewellery.

P.E Kit

All children are expected to wear P.E. kit when doing P.E. / Games in school. We recommend P.E. kits come into school on a Monday and go home to be washed on a Friday.

·         P.E. t-shirt ;

·         P.E. shorts;

·         Trainers;

·         Tracksuit for outside.

For health and safety reasons, tights should not be worn for any aspect of P.E. and socks should not be worn for dance / gym activities.


School uniform can now be purchased online at


Select 'Find my school' and follow the order instructions.

Alternatively it can be purchased from the Wear to School shop at 63 North St, Leighton Buzzard LU7 1EQ 01525 373030