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The Arts at Greenleas

We live in a designed world where Art and DT influence all aspects of life. At Greenleas the Arts contribute to the development of the whole child emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically. Our Arts curriculum also develops values such as perseverance, co-operation, responsibility and the awareness of the need to use resources economically and safely. In experiencing and exploring the arts, children have the opportunity to nurture their self-esteem and confidence which prepares them for the world we live in.

These are our principles for Art and Design Technology:

  1. To develop originality and creativity through problem solving in real contexts.
  2. To demonstrate practical expertise.
  3. To enable children to become visually literate.
  4. To enable children to understand art as a form of tactile communication.
  5. To explore the contribution art and design makes to history and culture.
  6. To value and appreciate the contribution made by artists, craft workers and designers.


Art is enjoyed within all years supporting subject learning.

Art Club is also available at Derwent Road after school. Click the link to select Derwent Road Clubs.