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Mathematics at Greenleas

The content and principles underpinning the 2014 mathematics curriculum reflect those found in high performing education systems internationally, particularly those of east and south-east Asian countries such as Singapore, Japan, South Korea and China. Although there are many differences between the education systems of England and those of east and south-east Asia, we can learn from the ‘mastery’ approach to teaching commonly followed in these countries. Greenleas has adopted the principles and features which characterise this methodology to address the three aims of the National Curriculum – Fluency – Reasoning – Problem Solving.


These aspects of Mathematics teaching will be seen in every classroom at Greenleas:

  1. Adults displaying positive attitudes towards Mathematics and a sense of excitement about the subject
  2. Children learning through active enquiry and experimenting by using concrete materials, representing their mathematical ideas through images and being provided with opportunities to practice what they have learnt
  3. Children learning to use multiple representations
  4. Mathematical skills being practised and applied across the curriculum
  5. Mathematically rich environments to support learning
  6. Communication, using precise mathematical language
  7. Independence being encouraged
  8. Opportunities for fluency and flexibility of thought in every lesson
  9. Adults using skilful questioning to reveal, probe and address misconceptions
  10. Children who grasp concepts rapidly being challenged through rich and sophisticated problems to provide breadth of study
  11. Scaffolding being provided for children when required
  12. Skilful assessment identifying children who are struggling to grasp concepts leading to guided groups and intervention sessions on the same day and in addition to the daily Mathematics lesson.