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Pre-school/Pre-Reception/Reception - What is the difference?

What is Pre-school? – Pre-school is optional for children from 2 years old. Children can stay in Pre-school until starting school or move to Pre-Reception when they are about 3 and a half, as places become available. The role of Pre-school is learning through play.

Greenleas offer two Pre-schools, one at Derwent Road, Linslade the other at Kestrel Way in Leighton Buzzard. Both are attached to the main school. Two sessions are offered; a morning (9am-12 noon) session or an afternoon session (12.30pm – 3.30pm). Your child can attend either or both sessions from 1 – 5 days a week, subject to availability. You may also be able to select a session at Pre-school and a session at Pre-Reception, this is called Wraparound. School lunch can be booked when attending for the full day, or a packed lunch can be provided.
Every child aged 3 and above is entitled to 15 hours a week, which is equivalent to either our morning or afternoon sessions, additional charges apply when an extra session is booked. In some cases children can receive funding from aged 2, subject to certain criteria.
Applications can be made at any time directly to Greenleas School using the application form on the main Admissions Page. Attendance at Greenleas Pre-school does not guarantee a place in the Reception Class in Main School.

What is Pre-Reception? – Pre-Reception is not mandatory. It is aimed at children in the year before joining school. Children join Pre-Reception aged around three and a half and they remain there until starting school. Pre-Reception aims to introduce learning concepts.

Greenleas offers Pre-Reception at both Derwent Road, Linslade and Kestrel Way in Leighton Buzzard; both are attached to the main school. Pre-Reception introduces socialising skills, independence and skills such as counting, and pen control. They follow a rich and varied curriculum and sometimes join in with whole school assemblies. This ensures that when children attend Reception Class (the first year at school) they are ready to learn and feel part of the whole school community.
A 5 day commitment is asked of parents joining Pre-Reception to ensure minimal disruption and maximum opportunity for the children. Generally, two sessions are offered; either a morning session (8.45am-11.45am) or an afternoon session (12.30pm – 3.30pm). You may also be able to select a session at Pre-school and a session at Pre-Reception, which as a full day allows for school lunch to be booked, this is called Wraparound.
Government funding covers the cost of the Pre-Reception half day session of 3 hours. If the full day (Wraparound) option is required then additional charges will apply. Children attending Pre-Reception may access the before and after school clubs provided by Greenleas.
Attendance at Greenleas Pre-Reception does not guarantee a place in the Reception Class at School. Applications can be made at any time directly to Greenleas School using the form on our main Admissions Page.

What is Reception? – The law states that a child must start school in the year in which he/she turns five. Reception is the name given to the first year at school. Some schools offer a staggered entry, others start all the children in the September. There are benefits to each system. Central Bedfordshire Council will notify you in writing the year before your child turns five with instructions on how to apply for a place at school. Entry is managed by the council and not the school and follows a strict admissions criteria.

Greenleas offer a transitions day in the summer term before children start in Reception. This gives the children a chance to familiarise themselves with the classroom and the teaching staff. Greenleas reception classes have their own separate, secured playground for breaks and engaging outdoor learning opportunities. From the October half term the children are gradually introduced to the whole school playground. In the classroom they enjoy practical, fun based learning with welcoming approachable staff. The team promote a strong home liaison with learning journals, information on the class website page and evening sessions for parents that help explain how their children are taught. Open assemblies are held during the year for each class to show case to parents and carers their learning achievements.