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Science at Greenleas

Greenleas is proud to have been awarded the Gilt Primary Science Award, and it is our ambition to progress this award to Gold. Our annual Science week generates high levels of enthusiasm among our children, and keep the profile of Science high.

These are our principles:

1. The whole school community is enthusiastically engaged in the learning of science.

2. Investigative learning is child led, practical and exciting.

3. Science is fun, leaving children wanting more.

4. Learning is purposeful and rooted in real life.

5. Children have the vocabulary to confidently discuss science.

6. A well planned science curriculum encompasses different learning styles.

7. Science inspires and develops curiosity about the world.

8. Teachers are knowledgeable and confident in teaching science.

9. Science learned at Greenleas will be the foundation for science in Middle and Upper School.