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Healthy Eating at Greenleas

Greenleas as a Healthy School

Greenleas is proud to hold National Healthy Schools status. In this capacity we support the health and wellbeing of our children and support them as they learn how to make healthy choices for themselves. Greenleas presents consistent messages about healthy eating in partnership with Lunchtime Co. staff so that the food on offer in school complements the taught curriculum.


These are our principles for Healthy Schools:

  1. The whole school community is enthusiastically engaged in the learning of what it means to be a healthy school.

  2. Investigative learning is child led, practical and exciting.

  3. Learning about what makes us healthy leaves children wanting more.

  4. Learning is purposeful and rooted in real life.

  5. Children have the vocabulary to confidently discuss what is meant by “being healthy”.

  6. Teachers are knowledgeable and confident in teaching about staying healthy and are secure in the school’s policy.

Schools play an important role in supporting the health and wellbeing of children and young people. Research demonstrates that pupils flourish in a positive environment where they are given a voice to influence whole school decisions. This is endorsed by recent education and health white papers which highlight how schools can help children and young people to become happier, healthier and more ready to learn and achieve their full potential

Greenleas School and Lunchtime Co. staff work closely together regarding the National Healthy Schools Programme (NHSP) and we hold National Healthy School status. As a Healthy School, Greenleas presents consistent messages about healthy eating. For example, food on offer across the school day should complement the taught curriculum.

The school provides, promotes and monitors healthier food at lunch and break times and in breakfast and after school clubs. We also ensure that all food offered should meet the food standards.
The school includes education on healthier eating, including opportunities to cook, and basic food safety practices in the taught curriculum.

Please see our healthy schools policy or contact our healthy schools coordinator for more information.

Our children stay healthy at school through:-

Physical Activity

All our children have lots of opportunities for physical play, from nursery equipment to outdoor playground equipment. Everyone is encouraged to have active playtimes.

Healthy Eating

Children from the Foundation Stage up to Year 2 are entitled to a free fruit or vegetable snack. Children in Years 3 and 4 may bring their own fruit or vegetable snack or opt to purchase the fruit/vegetable snack through the school. Children in the Pre-Reception and Reception Class have milk available each session. Children in other years have the opportunity to buy milk. (Please see our Cool Milk page)

Drink to Think

Research has shown that our brains need hydrating regularly. Children should bring a sports bottle of water to school each day, which they can have in the classroom to use throughout the day. This should be separate from their lunchtime drink. Fresh water is available in all areas of the school.

Healthy Lunch

Lunchtime Co. ensure that school lunches provide a balanced nutritional meal for your child, low in sugar and salt. Parents are encouraged to replicate this if providing a packed lunch. We encourage children to bring a healthy mix of sandwiches, fresh fruit or vegetable snack. No fizzy drinks or sweets please.

Playtime Snacks


We wish to encourage our children to eat healthy snacks. At break times children are only allowed to eat fruit and/or vegetables. Sweets, chocolate, crisps and cereal bars are not allowed and will be taken from children and returned at the end of the day.

Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club provides morning activities for all our pupils age 3-9 years, in a safe, happy environment. The morning session starts at 8am and children attend until 8.45am when they are transferred to class by playclub staff.

Breakfast is provided for those children attending breakfast club before 8.30am. Healthy options are provided for children who can select from cereal, fruit, toast and breakfast muffins with milk or water to drink.

The following links provide ideas for lunches:- - Lighter Lunches
British Heart Foundation - Tips for Parents

Please Share Your Ideas

If you have an idea for a healthy lunchbox then please share it with the school by emailing your idea using the contact us email form at the bottom of Contact Details page, please click here.