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Computing at Greenleas

At Greenleas we teach computing to prepare children to live and work in a digital society where technology is rapidly developing and changing. We recognise that Computing has deep links with mathematics, science and design and technology, and it provides insights into both natural and artificial systems. It also develops the core values of perseverance, respect, trust and enthusiasm.  The computing curriculum is divided in three main areas:

  • Computers and Hardware - how computers and computer systems wor, are designed and programmed.
  • Computational Thinking – the purposeful use of existing programs to develop products and solutions.

  • Digital Literacy and Online Safety - the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to participate fully in an increasingly digital world.

Our programme of study is coherently planned and sequenced to ensure National Curriculum coverage together with progression in the knowledge and understanding of computing skills and internet safety. Computing is taught using a sequenced approach where children experience technology unplugged (physically moving), develop familiarity with the concrete (digital visuals) and are then able to access the abstract (plugged activities on the computer).

Children build a broad and balanced knowledge through two phases, firstly through the teaching of discrete computing skills and then by embedding learning across the curriculum in other subject areas. Computing is a well-resourced subject and children are able to access, investigate and program a range of devices. They also use technology to communicate information in the form of words and graphics, learn to use the Internet safely and effectively, and understand how to store, sort and retrieve data information.