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Computing at Greenleas

Technology is changing all around us in everything we do influencing all aspects of life. At Greenleas Computing provides the children with opportunities to stay safe on the internet whilst developing new skills using a variety of technology. It also develops the core values of perseverance, respect, trust and enthusiasm.

These are our principles for Computing:

  1. All children enjoy and participate in computing at Greenleas.

  2. To allow all children access to improving and developing their computing.

  3. To enable children to understand the importance of staying safe using technology through e-safety.

  4. To enable children to become literate in a range of technology and programs.

  5. To demonstrate practical expertise.

  6. Children learn a range of skills and vocabulary.

  7. Learning is purposeful and based on real life technological experiences so children gain an understanding of a technologically advancing world.

  8. To develop originality and creativity through problem solving.