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Welcome to Cranes Class page at Greenleas School, Kestrel Way. We are pleased to welcome you and share our exciting learning.


Mrs Adams is the class teacher and Phase Leader for Key Stage Two alongside is Mrs Fitzsimmons the class TA. Please come and discuss any queries or your children's celebrations and achievements at the classroom door. Alternatively you can also communicate through the children's Home School Link Book. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Please find below photographs and details of some of the exciting things that we have been getting up to! 

Exploring Space in Science Week!
Egyptian Wow Day!
Learning about the Egyptians!
The children this half term children are learning about the Ancient Egyptians and to get hands on to support their writing of an explanation text about mummification they got to mummify a tomato!!
Our French Wow Day!!
Children enjoyed a french themed breakfast, which they ordered in french and listened to french styled music. They then had the opportunity to practice their art skills of shading and pencil work when decorating the outline of France and a french flag. The children ended the day with an Eiffel Tower challenge which they thoroughly enjoyed!
Making sculptures!!

Playing a tune!

Cranes have enjoyed listening to a range of songs and comparing them as well as learning to play a tune from one of the songs.

Cranes class exploring movement and different forces.
Cranes Class- Making and breaking numbers!