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Claiming Government Free Hours

Government Help With Paying For Your Child Care


The term after a child reaches the age of 3 they are entitled to 15 hours of nursery education funded (NEF) childcare. We offer provision for NEF children in 2 ways.


  1. Two pre-schools offer a flexible number of sessions to parents. Sessions are 3 hours in duration morning and afternoon. Parents can choose between one and ten sessions per week. Children entitled to NEF who are not registered in Nursery receive up to 15 hours (5 sessions) free. Any additional sessions are paid for by the parent.
  2. We run nursery provision which offers education for children for either 5 morning or 5 afternoon sessions (15 hours per week). There is no flexibility in the offer, parents either accept or decline a 15 hour morning or afternoon space. Children attending nursery can top up their hours by choosing and paying for additional pre-school sessions to take their total number of hours over the week to 30 hours. We call that provision ‘wrap around’.

In February 2016 the Government announced that from September 2017 some working parents would be entitled to an additional 15 hours of funded childcare taking their total to 30 hours.


Childcare providers can decide whether they wish to offer the additional hours and can be flexible in how they decide to make that offer to make the extra hours suit the business and parental demand.


Greenleas' 30 hour offer


We continue to offer 30 hour places subject to there being space available.

We offer hours up to the 30 hours should space be available allowing parents to make up the difference with another provider.

We do not include our Before and After School Club as part of any 30 hour offer.


Click here to visit Government website to check your Eligibility and Claim your Free hours