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Greenleas strives to make the best possible provision for all pupils with additional needs. We plan our teaching and learning so that each child can aspire to the highest level of personal achievement. We recognise and support the needs of those children in our school who have been identified as ‘most able’ and/or ‘talented’ according to national guidelines.

Most able and talented learners are identified as those children with one or more abilities developed to a level significantly beyond their year group.

As there will be most able children in almost all classes we make provision for these children within the normal class planning and teaching with broadening/deepening tasks and learning opportunities requiring higher order skills made available. Sometimes we will provide enrichment or extension activities to promote these skills and talents further.

Our aims are to:

  • ensure that we recognise and support the needs of all our children;
  • enable most able and talented children to develop to their full potential;
  • offer most able and talented children additional opportunities to extend or deepen their learning;
  • ensure that we challenge most able and talented children appropriately and extend their learning through the work that we set them;
  • encourage most able and talented children to think and work independently.


The more able and talented Subject Co-ordinator will work closely with the class teachers to ensure provision is being offered on a regular basis. They will also measure the impact the enrichment activities are having on a child’s progress.


More Able and Talented Co-ordinatorArea of Responsibility
Mrs Dawn SeniorDerwent Road and Kestrel Way