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Welcome to Doves Class at Greenleas Derwent Road. Mrs Silverton (Class Teacher), Mrs Gould (Class Teacher) and Mrs Cordes (Class Teaching Assistant) are pleased to welcome you to our class page. Please come and talk to us to discuss your children's celebrations, achievements and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please find below a photo learning journey that shows some of the exciting activities we have been getting up to.

Making biscuits for the Summer Fayre.

Making biscuits for the Summer Fayre. 1

Planting Afternoon helped us learn what plants need to grow.

Family Picnic!

We had an amazing time at the Buckingham Train Museum. We started the day by exploring the museum and finding out about the history of trains. We had a special ride on a diesel train. It was very noisy but we got to sit in carriages similar to those seen in the Harry Potter films. After a much needed lunch, we went on a tour of a Royal Mail Train. It was very interesting and we got to help sort the post. To finish our day we had a go on the miniature railway. It was the highlight of the day and very much enjoyed by children and adults alike!

Visiting Linslade Woods was a great way to spot some of the signs of spring. We particularly enjoyed the beautiful blue bells and watching the tadpoles in the pond.

It was great to share our different bikes and scooters on Wheelie Day, and ride them around the playground.

We finished our Kangaroo and Koala topic with a delicious Australian BBQ lunch. We really enjoyed it. A big thank you to our kitchen staff for cooking us something special.

We had great fun learning lots of skipping skills when we were visited by Skip Hop.

The Great Greenleas Mystery!

We have really enjoyed the beginning of Science Week. On Monday we had an entertaining assembly where Sherlock Fiddler told us about a crime which had taken place on Friday after school. Later in the day we visited the crime scene to make detailed sketches and list all the clues the suspect had left behind. On Monday afternoon we carried out some scientific tests to work out what the mystery powder left at the crime scene could be. On Tuesday we took rubbings of notepads to try and identify the handwriting left behind and we had fun taking our own lip prints so we could study their unique patterns. On Wednesday we took our own finger prints and compared them to those at the crime scene.  On Thursday we investigated mystery substances using litmus paper to determine what they were by the colour the litmus paper changed to.  From our investigation, we believe the person who stepped on Sherlock Fiddler's foot whilst he was sleeping likes sugar in their tea, wears high heels, has neat handwriting and wears pinky red lipstick with a vertical pattern to their lip print. They have an easily recognisable finger print and enjoy drinking water.  Who could it be...?

Here we are on World Book Day! Can you guess which book characters we are?

We really enjoyed learning lots of fascinating facts about Australia on our WOW Day. We found out about the Australian continent, its Indigenous Peoples and The Great Barrier Reef. We decorated boomerangs and created sea creatures we may find swimming on the reef. We also enjoyed making and eating a delicious fruit kebab.

On Penguin WOW Day we had a fantastic time creating lots of penguin craft as we learnt all about penguins.


In computing this half term we have been programming and debugging the BeeBots.


In Science this half term we have had fun exploring and investigating materials and their properties. We went on a material hunt in our classroom and, using some scientific words, talked about why certain materials are used to make certain objects. We have also found out which material was best at mopping up a spillage of water, which material slowed down the melting process of an ice cube and why the third little pig was wise to build his house out of bricks. We have also looked at materials that are magnetic and non-magnetic.  

We chose lots of different materials with interesting textures and colours to create our polar landscape collages

Polar Bear Wow Day.

We had a wonderful start to 2019 with our Polar Bear Wow Day. We decorated biscuits so that they looked like polar bears, we turn ourselves in to Arctic explorers to decorate our classroom door, made hand print polar bears and used split pins and folded paper to make moving polar bears.   

Delicious Christmas Dinner!

For Take One Picture we chose part of the painting, 'A winter scene with sliders by a castle', that we wanted to paint, and mixed the colours we wanted to use in our own picture

In D.T. we enjoyed designing and then making our own Funny Bones puppets. Out puppets moved using split pin pivots.

Making donations to Children in Need with the help of our cuddly friends.

British Values Day

During values day we had the chance to vote for how we would like money to be used to resource a quiet space for playtime. We listened to each party and how they would put the funds to good use. Throughout the day Year One learnt about the British Value - Rule of Law. We had a visit from a Police Community Support Worker. She told us all about the rules we have and how the police help keep us safe in our community. We had lots of good questions and she said that they were some of the best she had ever been asked. Well done Year One! 

Super Senses

In Science we enjoyed testing our reaction times. We held a piece of card above our partners hands and then we dropped it. We watched carefully to see if our partner could react quickly enough to catch it between their hands.  

Our Fantastic Firework Wow Day!

We had great fun when we came to school dressed in bright colourful clothes for our Firework Wow Day. During the day we made rocket book marks, drew firework displays with chalk pastels, used the laptops to create a firework picture and made sparkler biscuits to enjoy with a hot chocolate at the end of the day. Spectacular!

In maths we made addition equations.

We really enjoyed trying out some Judo. It was great fun!

In Art we had fun mixing colours to paint our own colour wheels.

We took a walk to the post box to post our invitations to our grandparents , inviting them to Grandparents' afternoon.

In Science we drew around each other to make life sized outlines. We labelled these with different parts of the human body.

In Art we used careful observation, and then mixed colours, to paint our self-portraits.

In Science we took advantage of the wonderful sunny autumn weather we are having and went outside to learn all about shadows. We mapped a shadow over the course of a day to see how it changed and then had fun making our shadows in to shapes for our friends to draw round.

In Geography we had great fun following a map of the school grounds so we could find and compare different environmental features.