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Welcome to Wrens Class at Greenleas Kestrel Way. Both myself, Mrs Ingram (Class Teacher) and Mrs James (Class Teaching Assistant) are pleased to welcome you to our class page. Please come and talk to us to discuss your children's celebrations, achievements and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please find below a photo learning journey that shows some of the exciting activities that we have been getting up to.
Our topic this term is 'Once Upon A Time.' We will be hearing and retelling lots of our favourite traditional tales and fairy tales. We will also be celebrating Chinese New Year, Mother's day and Pancake day too.
We are enjoying phonics sessions and learning to read and write. If you would like to share some of the activities at home: 'Geraldine The Giraffe' on Youtube has been helping us learn about letters and we love 'Teach Your Monster to Read' and the games on 'Phonics Play' - Phase 1 and Phase 2 games.

Parent maths session

Parent maths session 1
Parent maths session 2
Parent maths session 3
Parent maths session 4
Parent maths session 5
Parent maths session 6
Parent maths session 7
Parent maths session 8
Parent maths session 9
Parent maths session 10

Making Three Bear's porridge

Making Three Bear's porridge  1
Making Three Bear's porridge  2
Making Three Bear's porridge  3
Making Three Bear's porridge  4
Making Three Bear's porridge  5
Making Three Bear's porridge  6
Making Three Bear's porridge  7


Christmas 1
Christmas 2
Christmas 3
Christmas 4

Children in need

Children in need 1
Children in need 2

Diwali Day

Diwali Day 1
Diwali Day 2
Diwali Day 3
Diwali Day 4
Diwali Day 5
Diwali Day 6
Diwali Day 7
Diwali Day 8
Diwali Day 9
Diwali Day 10
Diwali Day 11
Diwali Day 12
Diwali Day 13
Diwali Day 14

Autumn and Grandparent's afternoon

Handa's Surprise week

Handa's Surprise week 1
Handa's Surprise week 2
Handa's Surprise week 3
Handa's Surprise week 4
Handa's Surprise week 5

Learning in Wrens

Learning in Wrens 1
Learning in Wrens 2
Learning in Wrens 3
Learning in Wrens 4
Learning in Wrens 5
Learning in Wrens 6