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Ducks and Ducklings

Next half term we move on to our new topic 'Animal Antics' where we will be exploring a number of animal themed books. We also have a visit from Ark Farm planned for the end of the topic. The chicks will be returning to school after half term so that children can see the changes that have happened. We are then hoping to rehome them before they outgrow their run and have had a couple of offers from school families which is fantastic news. Hopefully we'll be able to give the children regular updates. 


All children  need a bookbag for their works of art, clearly named and only one key ring attached so it is easily identifiable. Your child will also need a  named water bottle so that they can access it at any time. Milk is provided and you can sign up for this on our website via the home page under 'booking and paying' then select the milk option. We will be having regular PE sessions once the children are used the routines of the classroom. They do not require a PE kit.


A gentle reminder that we are a healthy school. If your child is celebrating their birthday and you wish them to distribute treats we are happy to make sure they are first out  at the end of the session so they can offer a treat to friends- once their friends have checked with their grown ups. If you would like to send in fruit or raisins we can distribute these at snack time. Thank you for your understanding.

Father's Day Assembly

Hatching Time!

After a countdown of 20 days our first chick arrived around 8am on day 20 with tennis club watching. He was named Geoff by them and quickly started to fluff up in the incubator. Later that morning two more chicks hatched with the others not far behind. Now all six of the chicks are in the brooder box and we are beginning to see changes already to the first chicks that hatched. 

Today Ducks and Ducklings were able to stroke a chick and we are hoping that on Friday the children will be able to hold a chick in their lap!


Goodbye Mrs Thompson

Open Morning

Children in Need


We brought our teddies to school in exchange for a small donation to Children in Need. We put our donations on Pudsy and Blush in the entrance hall after learning about how the charity helps children and their families.

Grandparents Morning

It was wonderful to welcome all the grandparents this week in celebration of Grandparents' Day. The children had the opportunity to show their grandparents around the classroom and look at the artwork and photographs on display. Many grandparents took part in activities and  experienced what we offer the children on a daily basis. We rounded off the morning with some songs, despite a technical hitch. The children sang beautifully and there may have been a few 'happy tears' at the end.

Walk to the Post Box

Forest School

Visits to Ducks

Nursery Nativity

A visit from Father Christmas

At home learning sheet