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Welcome to Year 3 at Kestrel Way. Please find below information about your child's learning topics this half term, including learning logs and topic leaflets. Please see our specific class pages for photos and information about each classes individual learning journeys.


This term in Year 3 we are leaning about ‘The Tudors’. In English, the children will be learning how to write a set of Instructions and a Play Script. Our focus will be William Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. They will be looking at the key features of these text types and using them within their Tudor topic. In History we will be learning about Tudor monarchs and their reigns. We will gain an in-depth knowledge of Henry VIII and investigate why he had six wives. We will find out what type of Monarch Henry VIII was. In Art, the children will be focusing on Tudor portraits. They will be learning how to draw a face and its features as well as sketching Tudor clothing. The children will be using soft pencil to create line, tone and texture and pastels to blend colour.


Please read our Curriculum Newsletter attached below for more details about what we will be learning this term in all of our subjects.



The Year 3 Team

Curriculum Leaflet and Learning Log

Key Dates


Tuesday 23rd January - Cranes/Herons theatre visit

Children to wear all black (black t-shirt top and trousers/leggings). Parents invited at 2.40pm

Friday 9th February - Cranes/Herons Tudor banquet

Children come dressed as Tudor royalty. Children only

Friday 9th February - School ends for half term

School re-opens Monday 19th February


This half term our topic is 'Journey of the Nile'.


In English, the children will be looking at the narrative genre of adventure and mystery. They will write their own adventure story set in or inspired by Ancient Egypt. They will also demonstrating how to write a non–chronological report. In Mathematics, the children will be building on mental and written methods for multiplication and division. Children will be solving problems using the multiplications they know, working on their knowledge of the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables. 


In Science this term we are learning about the formation of 'Rocks and Soils'. In Computing this half term, the children will be learning how to be ‘bug fixers’ using the program Scratch. In Geography, the children will be studying the River Nile and why it was important to the Ancient Egyptians. They will focus on hunting, farming and fishing around the Nile as well as how it was used for trade. They will be researching flax and papyrus and what these were used for. In Design Technology, the children will design and make a ‘Moving Monster’ inspired by our Journey of the Nile topic. The children will learn about basic pneumatic systems and they will investigate different ways in which to use their systems with other materials to control movement. In Religious Education, the children will be learning about the Christmas Story which culminates in our Annual Christingle Service at Hockliffe Street Baptist Church.All dates for this term can be found in the topic leaflet and on the dates section of the school website.


The Year 3 Team


Key Dates


Tuesday 31st October - School re-opens for pupils

Monday 6th November - Individual and family photographs 

Monday 13th November - British Values Day

Friday 24th November - Egyptian Wow Day (Children can come dressed in Egyptian outfits)

Saturday 9th December - Christmas Fayre at Kestrel Way

Wednesday 6th December - Christmas Lunch

Wednesday 13th December - Learning Logs Due Back

Friday 15th December - Christingle Service at Hockliffe Street Baptist Church @ 2pm

Tuesday 19th December - Term ends

Wednesday 3rd January - School re-opens

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