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Welcome to Reception at Greenleas.  Our topic for Spring term 2 will be 'People Who Help Us'. We will be spending time learning about some of the important jobs those that work in the emergency services do. We will also be learning about people who help us in our local community. 

Reminder- your child should have a named water bottle and a healthy snack is offered to children daily, supplied by the school. We suggest that water bottles are not kept in book bags as they tend to leak.

Both classes have PE on a Tuesday and Thursday with Mr Norris. A tracksuit and trainers (not plimsoles) will be needed along with their PE shorts and t-shirt. This does not have to be a Greenleas tracksuit. Long hair should be tied up and earrings taken out or tape is provided to cover them. Please continue to encourage your child/children to practise getting dressed and undressed and turning clothes the correct way round at home.




Clover Award



The Clover Reading Award will re-start on Monday 10th September in Years R-4 at Derwent Road and in Years 1-4 at Kestrel Way. It will begin in Year R at Kestrel Way on Monday 17th September, with reading records being checked for the first time on 24th September. Whilst most of our families will now be familiar with the award which has been running success-fully for the last two years, for those families new to the school and those who would like a reminder, here is a summary of how the scheme works.

The primary aim of the Clover Award is to encourage children to read regularly at home, four times a week, once for each leaf of our Greenleas clover. Reading is an essential skill children must learn to be successful at school, and in later life, be-cause reading is required to understand most other topics. Once children become confident and fluent readers, a whole world of other learning opportunities opens up for them.

From Monday 17th September, teaching assistants will check children’s reading records each week during the day on a Monday. All children who have read on at least 4 different days during the previous week will receive a sticker on their Clover Award collection card. When they complete their card by collecting 10 stickers they will be able to exchange it for a certificate and small prize.

In order for the system to work here is a reminder of the few simple rules we need to apply:

  • Reading records will only be checked on a Monday and stickers will not be awarded unless books are in school at this time and handed in to the class teacher on request. The only exception will be if children are off school ill on the Mon-day and then reading records will be checked on their return.
  • Stickers will only be awarded if there is evidence of children reading at home to an adult on 4 separate days, i.e. reading records must be signed by an adult each time a child reads. We are sorry that stickers cannot be awarded if children say they have read at home but the record is not signed.
  • Stickers will not be awarded for reading over the Christmas and Easter holidays, but children will be able to collect stickers for reading over half term.
  • All reading recorded in reading records will count toward the Clover Award (home and school books).

We hope you will continue to support us in implementing our scheme- happy reading!