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Welcome to Year 4 at Kestrel Way. Please find below information about your child's learning topics this half term, including learning logs and topic leaflets. Please see our specific class pages for photos and information about each classes individual learning journeys.

Topic Leaflets and Learning Logs

This half term our topic is 'Remote Rainforests!'


In English, all our writing will be linked to our topic.  We will be writing information texts and rainforest stories.  Our main focus will be on revising techniques learnt this year including using fronted adverbials, apostrophes and a range of conjunctions to make our writing more interesting.  In addition to this, we will be focusing on punctuating our work with accuracy and including our National Curriculum spelling words and our RWI spelling patterns in our work.


In Maths, we will be working on Money, Measures, Time, Mass, Volume, Length and Graphs.  Each Maths lesson will begin with a fluency task. We will continue to focus on quick recall of multiplcation facts up to 12x12, number order, number patterns and using known facts to calculate trickier calculations.



In Science, we will be investigating Habitats and the eco-systems within them.


In Computing, the children will be using 'Scratch' to create a prototype electronic toy.


In Geography we will be comparing life in the Amazon to life in Leighton Buzzard.


In Art we will be creating Rainforest pictures linked to the work of Henri Rousseau.

Key Dates

16th April - Children back to school for the Summer term.

28th May - 3rd June Half Term Break

4th June - Inset Day

6th - 8th June - Grafham Water

4th-5th June - Middle School Transfer Days

10th July - Open Classrooms

16th July, 6pm - End of Year Performance 'Oh What a Knight!'

20th July, 2:30pm - Year 4 Leavers Assembly