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School Clubs

Greenleas provides morning and after school care for all our main school pupils aged 3 to 9 years in our Before and After School Club. The morning session starts at 8am and finishes at 8.45am and the afternoon session starts at 3.30pm and closes at 6pm. Bookings for Before and After School club must be booked by the parent/carer via the Gateway by 2pm on the day of attendance, when the booking facilities will close.


Children must have completed a registration form before their first attendance. A copy of this form can be downloaded from our booking section in the links below.


Additional clubs are run by outside providers and are booked directly with them. The booking details are included in our links at the bottom of the page.


Please note that children are expected to behave politely and sensibly, as they are in school. In the case of serious misbehaviour, non-payment or persistent late collection, the school reserves the right to withdraw access to the provision.


Derwent Road
Day Before School
Club 8-8.45am
After School Club 1 After School Club 2 After School Club 3  After School Club 4

Tennis Years 

Swans/Puffins football  French Yr 1
3.30 - 4.05
French Yr 2 4.10-4.5
   Play Club
Tuesday Forest School Yrs1-4 Football
Yrs 3-4
French Year 3 3.30-4.05
French Year 4 4.10-4.45
Art Club Years Yrs 2-4  Play Club
Wednesday Spanish Years Yrs 1&2 Badminton
Yrs 1-4
Dance club -  Play Club
Thursday Gymnastics
Yrs 1-4

Spanish Yr3&4
Yrs 1&2

Drama Club
Yrs R-4

-  Play Club
Friday Dodgeball
Yrs 1-4
Tennis Years
Yrs 1-4
- -  Play Club

Kestrel Way


Day Before School Club 8-8.45am After School Club 1  After School Club 2  After School Club 3
Monday Tennis Club Yrs 2-4 Art Club Yrs2-4  Tennis - All years   Play Club
Tuesday Brazillian Football 
Yrs 1-2 
   Play Club


Yrs 1-4

Brazilian Football Yrs1-2

 Play Club
Thursday Tennis Club YrsR-2 Street Dance
Yrs 2-4


 Play Club
Friday   Drama Club
Yr sR-4


 Play Club