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Sports Premium

Greenleas School Sports Premium Funding 2016-17
The Sports Premium Grant (SPG) was introduced by the Government in September 2013 as an annual grant which is additional to main school funding, and is therefore ring-fenced for expenditure on the provision of Sport and PE in schools.  Schools must spend this funding to make additional and sustainable improvements in the quality of PE and sport activities offered to all pupils in the manner which they deem appropriate.
“At Greenleas we are passionate about providing high quality Physical Education and sports activities for all children in order to promote healthy lifestyles, participation in competitive sport and wellbeing derived from physical activity.  To this end we have employed a specialist PE coach since 2007 to teach PE twice a week to all children from YR to Y4, and to offer a variety of before and after school sporting clubs.  When we opened our second site in 2013 we employed an additional PE teacher to mirror this excellent provision.  Greenleas has been recognized as a Centre of Excellence for PE by the Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review conducted in February 2014, “The PE lessons observed were graded as outstanding and the impact on the learning and development of PE throughout the school is evident. An analysis of the funding has been carried out confirming that it is being successfully used to raise the profile of PE and improve the physical and mental well-being of the pupils. Healthy life styles are explored and encouraged.”
The SPG funding may not be used for existing PE provision, so at Greenleas it is directed to enrich and enhance our sports curriculum.  Use of the SPG funding for the academic year  was as follows:

Spend for Academic Year 2016/17 with Evaluation
SPG Awarded for 2016-17

£10,243 approx
Plus £1825 from sports goal 2015/16


Sports Leadership 3 x 2 sessions of Sports Leadership Training to be delivered to Year 4 pupils across 2 sites
and purchase/replacement of associated equipment . £350

Empowered children to participate in healthy activity and create good habits for future life. Fewer behaviour incidents as recorded in the behaviour log.


Level 2 Competitions
This Academic Year additional places have been offered to larger schools. Greenleas will be selecting up to 2 teams for events.

Transportation costs
Specialist Sports Supply (see below)

KS2 Football tournament
Football 29th September 2016 - Cedars
KS2 Tag Rugby tournament
Tag Rugby 10th November 2016 Cedars
KS1 + 2 Gymnastics
Gymnastics 7th Feb 2017 Harlequins
KS2 Girls Football Tournament
Girls football 25th April 2017 Cedars
KS2 Tennis tournament
Tennis 11th May 2017 LBTC
KS2 Kwik Cricket Tournament
Kwik cricket 8th June 2017 LBCC
KS2 Netball Tournament
Netball 18th October 2016 Linslade
KS2 Athletics tournament
Athletics 17th November 2016 Cedars
KS2 Quad Kids
Quad kids 14th June 2017 Fulbrook
KS2 Hockey
Quick sticks 22nd June 2017- Vandyke
Orienteering 4th July 2017 - Brooklands

Transportation costs: £100.00


Learning Community has accepted 2nd team into tournaments which has increased opportunities for participation in competitive sports. Pupils now feel there is a greater likelihood they will be selected.
Created opportunities to compete at a level beyond the school for more able and B/C teams.
Specialist Sports Supply Specialist PE supply staff to cover lessons whilst teachers :
  • Lead outdoor residential
  • Escort/coach school Tournaments (above)
  • Escort Wimbledon trip
  • Attend PE conference/CPD

2 x £1640 for 12 fixtures (£3280) – 2 staff/2 sites
2 x £600 for residential/Wimbledon/CPD
Total £4480
High quality CPD accessed by sports specialists at both sites and cascaded back to teaching and learning for sustainability in PE.
Expert coaching and feedback now available to support learning during competitive events and ensure pupils enjoy the experience and want to go again.
Curriculum Resources and Scootability Resources New resources to extend and enrich existing provision, including
  • Scooters

Replacement or additional resources to continue/increase opportunities e.g.
  • Wall bars Derwent Road

Total £3518


Active outdoor lunchtime activity to promote transition to bike riding when older.

Quality and safe gymnastics provision offered for next 30 years.
(Purchase rolled into next year).
Outdoor football goal 1 x permanent football goal to match original and mirror provision at other site. Rolled forward from last year

Planned to contribute to more equitable games of football during playtimes and lunch times.


New PA System Derwent Road Replacement sound system for Derwent Road site so music available for dance lessons and PA for Sports Day.

Previous system has lasted 15+ years – this is available for sports use into the future. Older children are given responsibility to operate it – self worth/PSHE


Accreditation costs British Schools Gym Membership
British Schools Tennis Assoc
£100 approx

This has ensured we have a ticket allocation for Wimbledon which is passed on to the children. Additionally a Breakfast Tennis club is new offer to mirror existing provision at alternate site.


Forest Schools First Aid Certification 1 x PE specialist to attend Pediatric First Aid ,

Forest School sessions now on offer both as a club before school and as a regular Friday afternoon slot which classes attend on a rotation.
For 2016-17 extended to a daily lunch club and regular weekly Friday afternoon activity.


PE Conference

1 x PE specialist to attend annual PE conference at Woburn Center Parks


Networking and CPD to develop sustainable PE plan into the future
Total spend 16/17 £12,068