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Swans Class 2019/20

Welcome to Swans we are looking forward to getting to know each other and having a great year playing, learning and growing together. On this page we will be sharing our learning journey. Throughout the year we will be sharing snap shots of our learning through photographs. This will provide you with a fun way to talk to your child about their learning.


World Book Day

P.E Gymnastics

Chinese New Year

We have been learning about the traditions celebrated during Chinese New Year celebrations. We have also learned about the Chinese traditional tale, 'The Great Race.' This has helped us to understand why each year is named after a different animal and why they are in a particular order.

Chinese New Year Celebration

If it's good enough for Goldilocks and the Three Bears we decided it must be worth a try! We were very excited about making our own porridge. We had a go at weighing, pouring, mixing, cooking and then most of us had a go at eating our porridge. We thought it was tasty and could understand why Goldilocks liked it so much.

Making our own porridge

Crime Scene

Our Visit From Father Christmas

Diwali Day

On Wednesday 30th October we celebrated Diwali in Reception. Through this we have learned the traditional story of Rama and Sita and found out about why it is celebrated and called the festival of light. As part of our class celebrations the children took part in many traditional Diwali activities these included making their own Diva lamps, holding sparklers, and also having a small henna tattoo. We also learned some Bollywood dancing through Go Noodle, made our own Rangoli patterns; decorated Diwali cards and tasted traditional foods.

Fruit Tasting

Our First Few Weeks in Swans

Our Outdoor and Indoor Learning