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Welcome to Swans Class 2018-2019

Welcome to Swans. Our topic for this half term is 'Stomp, Stomp Here I come.' It will involve lots of exciting learning and exploring with dinosaurs.

Walk to the Post box

We all took a walk to the local post box to post our invitations to our Grandparents to invite them to join us in class in a few weeks. We used the walk as an opportunity to be letter and number detectives and also looked for signs of Autumn.Thank you to all the parent helpers who walked with us and kept us safe.

Walk to the post box

At the start of the week we found an giant egg hiding in the reception outdoors learning space. We talked about what we thought might be inside the egg and how we would look after it. The next day when we arrived at school we found muddy footprints in our classroom on the floor and even on the top of a table! Then we noticed that the egg had hatched and inside were some dinosaurs.
Have a look at the fun we have had in our first few weeks in Swans.