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Welcome to Nightingales

The first half term of the new school year is always a very exciting one.  This half term has been no different with the children getting fully involved in the topic Kenyan Safari.  We have created some wonderful art work, learnt about the landscape and people of Kenya and of course found out about the animals.

In science the children have been learning about how to be and stay healthy.  We have looked at the importance of a healthy balanced diet, exercise, sleep and keeping clean.  To highlight the importance of keeping our hands clean we covered them in flour and then tracked how far the flour spread.  It showed us just how easy it is to spread germs.

Great fun was had by all discovering the effect exercise has on our bodies.  We found that after exercise our heart rate increased.  Following running around the playground several times our breathing rate increased not to mention going red, sweating, muscles aching and in some total collapse!

Merry Christmas Every One!


Fun was had by all at the Christmas party.  We even had a special visitor!

Our Space Quest topic has gone with a bang.

The last half term has been a very exciting one.  We had an amazing science week which included a visit from a dragster, our Who Comes Out At Night WOW day and the run for sports relief.