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Healthy Eating

Greenleas as a Healthy School

Greenleas is proud to hold National Healthy Schools status. In this capacity we support the health and wellbeing of our children and support them as they learn how to make healthy choices for themselves. Greenleas presents consistent messages about healthy eating in partnership with Harrisons Catering staff so that the food on offer in school complements the taught curriculum.


These are our principles for Healthy Schools:

  1. The whole school community is enthusiastically engaged in the learning of what it means to be a healthy school.

  2. Investigative learning is child led, practical and exciting.

  3. Learning about what makes us healthy leaves children wanting more.

  4. Learning is purposeful and rooted in real life.

  5. Children have the vocabulary to confidently discuss what is meant by “being healthy”.

  6. Teachers are knowledgeable and confident in teaching about staying healthy and are secure in the school’s policy.